Pancake Recipes That You Can Try Today

there are 1,000’s of pancake recipes

A lot of these are curated recipes from the web.

Every day I  discover methods of mixing in different flavors with different ingredients. This takes a lot of testing isolating every variable in pancake making. Adjusting the standard ingredients I then have to test similar ingredients to make my preferred pancake. This is something that I do every day. Experiment like a mad scientist to create the best pancake recipes.

favorite pancake recipes

My Healthy Pancake Recipe.

I buy dry buttermilk at Walmart so this makes it easier to make mix in advance. I’ve tried different variants of this recipe. Including, no egg, no oil and sugar substitutes.

Banana Pancake Recipe

I originally found a recipe like this on the internet but I had to figure out how to do it on my own without eggs or white flour.

Protein pancake Recipes

Cinnamon Protein Pancakes.   

Two Ingredient Protein Pancakes

General pancake recipes

Vanilla Cinnamon Buttermilk Pancakes

I just had these pancakes today for day 136. I like cinnamon and these met expectations.

Two Ingredient pancakes.

Bananas and eggs to make a pancake? Not my favorite, but if I were in a rush this could save me .2 seconds.

Basic Pancakes

This recipe is the most basic out there. It includes the very basic ingredients for most pancakes.

Feel free to comment your recipes and I’ll add them to the list.