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  • November 2nd, 2017
  • The Pancake God

Krusteaz is the brand I have loved and trusted in my childhood. Naturally it is my go-to pancake mix. The best in my opinion.

Things to know about Krusteaz

  1. The pancakes cook very fast.

    This is something I have tested and I found that at the right temperature it takes as little as thirty seconds to cook a  Krusteaz pancake without burning it.

  2. The ONLY pancake brand to sell in bulk is Krusteaz. 

    Many brands sell mix by the box which is generally 1.5-2 pounds. This is great. Not good if you planning on having a pancake feed or plan on eating a lot of them.Krusteaz Pancake Mix

  3. Just add water. 

    All you need to make pancakes is the Krusteaz mix and some water. You don’t need an egg or additional milk or oil. However, if you like to add protein to your pancake there are plenty of things you can add to these.

  4. Taste comes at a price.

    While being the best tasting pancake mix around, they don’t offer a lot nutritionally. These are low in protein and have almost zero fiber. These make a great treat but suffer as a stand alone breakfast. I recommend supplementing these pancakes with some eggs to boost your protein and help you stay full longer.

  5. You can get it everywhere. 

    Although they may not be the healthiest brand out there, they are everywhere. This is a very established brand and you will see it in every grocery store you come by.

  6. CHEAPEST pancake mix by far.

    I hinted at this earlier. Krusteaz is a well established brand and can be found in many stores. This means they can sell their product at a much lower price than the competitors. This makes it an ideal brand for the college student who needs breakfast food with the same cost as ramen but with infinitely better taste.

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The Pancake God

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