Keto Protein Pancakes: The Best To Add To Your Diet

  • February 8th, 2018
  • The Pancake God

keto protein pancakes

Abs Protein Pancakes

Keto diets are on the rise and people are trying to add more and more protein to optimize their diet. Whats the best way to do that? Pancakes of course!

Who eats pancakes?

Tom Brady was just featured on a SuperBowl commercial flipping pancakes. He may not be on a keto diet but if he’s eating pancakes it’s safe to say that they’re cool. Maybe Tom Brady doesn’t eat pancakes every day like me, but I can assure you he eats only the best pancakes when he does.

Best pancakes for keto?

Abs Pancakes makes the best protein pancakes in my opinion. Kodiak Cakes, Flapjacked, Arrowhead and the big pancake brands also make their own version of healthy pancakes.

Abs Pancakes are great because they are:

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carb, Keto Friendly
  • Very High in protein
  • High in fiber
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Very tasty (My favorite is chocolate chip)

More protein

The pancakes are already high in protein but they list options on the bag to supplement more in it.  They suggest egg whites and coconut milk which will add 5-10 more grams of protein. These additions not only add more protein but keep the food low carb and low calorie.

Add fat, induce ketosis

One thing I have found with this mix is that they make a small amount. Usually I will eat more than a few pancakes but with these I found the excess fiber to be undesirable. I would suggest eating these pancakes with some eggs and/or bacon. This will add to the fat content(perfect for keto) giving you more energy for the day while keeping you in ketosis.

Keto Protein Pancakes Eggs and Bacon

These are great for your keto diet while being high in protein. You will not be dissapointed with these pancakes if you follow the directions in making the pancakes. I struggled personally to make them well because they are made with coconut flour rather than traditional flour. Be sure to follow along with the video.

How To

This is a video created by the company’s Youtube channel. Watch the video before you make the pancakes you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache making your own for the first time. I tried them out before watching the video and I was surprised to finish with a mushy pancake that did not look anything like a normal pancake.

Keto Protein Pancake Tips

Like I say “every pancake is different” and this is no exception. If you think you know how to make a pancake and have never made one made of any nut flour you are in for a learning curve. The good thing is that after making a few of these you’ll be a pro in no time. There are just a few nuances compared to normal pancake making. Here are some that I found  with the three bags I’ve been through.

  • You have to cook these at a lower temperature
  • They will take longer to cook (In this post I talked about how long it takes to make pancakes, consider these an anomaly. I found these cook considerably slower in my experience.)
  • The batter will have to be on the thinner side.  (These pancakes don’t turn out well when you try to make them thick. If you try to do this anyway you are going to have a hard time getting your pancake cooking all the way through. )
  • You can add regular pancake batter to add some carbs to it. This will also allow the pancake to be thicker and it will also taste more like a normal pancake if you can’t handle the coconut flour texture.
  • In the video she adds oats to the batter rather than pancake mix. This also works but I don’t usually have oats on hand so I don’t do this often.

Other Uses

The mix is very versatile as well. They include other recipes that allow you to make things like protein cookies. If you’re like me you eat cookies whenever you get the chance. Making a healthy alternative to the traditional sugary cookie can help you reach your health goals and get those abs they talk about.

Abs are made in the kitchen?

It’s only partially true what they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Abs are made when you do any exercise that engages them and they’re engaged when you perform most exercises. Abs are revealed in the kitchen. You can lose all the weight you want but if you don’t have any ab muscles to show you’re just going to have a mediocre 4 pack.

This pancake brand not only helps you reveal your abs. It helps you grow your abs and develop those muscles. On the same channel where they demonstrate how to make them they have countless exercises for you to put on muscle and tone up.

Abs pancakes every day?

They are a great brand that truly wants to see you get in better shape. I recommend them to anyone that wants high quality pancakes that taste great. If they were cheaper I would eat these every day but in order to save money I make my own batter. Its a great learning experience as well as a delicious endeavor.

Get Your Own

Visit the Abs Protein Pancakes website to learn more about what they are and what they do. (I am in no way affiliated with Abs Protein Pancakes.)

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