Pancakes Vs Waffles

51 Reasons Pancakes Are Better Than Waffles (Pancakes vs Waffles)

  • February 7th, 2018
  • The Pancake God

Pancakes Vs Waffles

The Age old debate…

For years relationships have been ruined with one question. Whats better, pancakes or waffles? Many people have weighed in on the topic, some for pancakes and some for waffles. Similarities between the two stand out. They’re both made from the same batter and taste the same. True. But there can only be one winner.

Here are 51 Reasons Pancakes are Better Than Waffles

stack of pancakes

  1. When do you ever see stacked waffles? Never
  2. Its acceptable to eat a stack of five or more pancakes. You can only have a couple of waffles before its ridiculous.
  3. Pour syrup on pancakes and watch the liquid flow down the sides of the stack. With waffles the little squares fill up with too much syrup. Pancakes with syrup
  4. Strawberries, chocolate chips and blueberries. Theses are a few of the things you can put in pancakes. Try that with a waffle and tell me how it goes.
  5. Everyone has a pan. A waffle iron? Err… That’s what I thought.
  6. Ball up pancakes and you have some tasty pancake spheres. This is my attempt at Nutella filled pancake balls. #delicious        Nutella mini pancakes
  7. Mini pancakes. Its possible to make mini waffles, but imagine the bulky waffle iron you’ll have to buy. Pancakes are better.
  8. Waffles make you less attractive. (Sorry Morgan)                                     Waffles and Morgan
  9. Since they’re simpler to make you can enjoy them outdoors. It’s difficult to make a waffle iron work outside.
  10. Butter (or peanut butter if you’re cool) on a pancake spreads nicely Spreading anything on a waffle means you can’t get it spread throughout the square holes. I don’t have OCD but if I did I imagine it being like this all the time.
  11. Pancake Pillow. Make a pancake large enough and you could rest your head on a fluffy pancake pillow.
  12. Endless pancake variations exist. From the banana pancake to the flour-less pancake. The waffle has the Belgian waffle.
  13. 50ft in diameter, the worlds largest pancake. Six times larger than the largest waffle at 8ft.
  14. Pancakes can take any shape. Bruce Lee said, “Be shapless, formless like water.” He was secretly referencing pancakes.
  15. Cleaning a pan is a snap. A waffle iron cant go into a dishwasher. Get ready to spend time cleaning those little squares.
  16. Pancake Bot. Its machine that draws programmable art into pancakes. Did anyone care to make a Waffle Bot?
  17. Art can be draw in a pancake. You can use food coloring or the various browning due to cooking times. No matter how bad you are at it.                                              Pancake Art Day 128
  18. Robots are programmed to flip pancakes. Someone will invent a machine in the ideal future. It will automate the whole pancake process so you can focus on enjoying them.
  19. Frisbee pancakes. Pancakes are ideal for outdoor games because you can play catch with a pancake frisbee and eat it too.
  20. All the syrup you pour on a waffle ends up stuck in the little squares. You also have to pour the syrup many times since you cant stack them like pancakes.
  21. Pancakes are well rounded. (Ba-dum-tss)
  22. Moist. I know we don’t like that word for some reason but that’s another reason pancakes win.
  23. Flapjack, griddlecake, pancake… waffle.
  24. Have you seen a cooler pancake sweatshirt? Pancake Sweatshirt
  25. Bubbles. Pancakes have bubbles when they’re ready to flip. When is a waffle done? You’ll have to guess, and they lack bubbles.                     pancake bubbles

  26. Pancakes came first. They didn’t figure out how to craft a waffle iron before they mixed flour and water and poured it on a pan.
  27. Roll it up and eat it. You can do that with a pancake!
  28. Flipping options. A spatula to turn it. Use a fork and manage to turn it. Flick the wrist and flip it with only the pan. You have a few options when you’re working with a waffle.
  29. A griddle and can cook many pancakes at a time.
  30. Somersault pancake flip. One of the many ways to flip a pancake. Waffles are boring.
  31. Google pancakes and return 81,000,000 results. Waffles 46,000,000.
  32. Tom Brady in a SuperBowl commercial flipping a pancake. #GOAT                                 Tom Brady Flipping a Pancake
  33. IHOP The International House of Pancakes. $681 million in revenue. IHOW International House of Waffles (Duluth, MN) estimated revenue $60 thousand.
  34. Burnt or dry waffles are far more likely than pancakes. This is true for thinner pancakes as well. The differences is, with waffles you have no choice in thickness.
  35. Pups in a blanket, or whatever you make call it. Sausage wrapped with a pancake, a powerhouse combo.
  36. There are two kinds of friends, good friends and friends that like waffles. Pancake lovers make better friends.
  37. Aerodynamics. Pancakes will glide through the air making them ideal for a food fight.
  38. Wall decoration.                        Pancake Wall Decoration
  39. Pan. Cake. It’s two words made into one.
  40. God. Pancake God. That’s me.       Pancake God Costume
  41. Bacon Pancakes Song
  42. Thickness varies from paper thin to more than an inch.
  43. PSA: As of this writing there are all you can eat pancakes at IHOP. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this. There remains to be an offer made from the waffle community.
  44. Every syrup bottle I see has a pancake on it. I have not seen a bottle with a waffle on it.
  45. Football has a term named after it. A pancake block is a block that leaves someone laying flat on the ground like a pancake.
  46. We don’t need frozen pancakes to stay relevant. Without frozen waffles they would die off like the Ebola fad.
  47. Waffle fundraiser? Never heard of one. Whenever there’s a breakfast food made to raise money pancakes are made in bulk.
  48. Extensive online resources are available online for you to learn about pancakes. (Including This has a direct correlation with the number of search results you will find for either.
  49. Marketers put pancake mix first and waffle mix second on the label. Coincidence? No. They know what pancakes are worth. (Flapjack first waffle second.) Kodiak Cakes Flapjack waffle
  50. Emojis. There’s a pancake emoji which shows Apple endorses pancakes over waffles.                                                 Pancake Emoji
  51. President Donald Trump even has respect for pancakes. He made a comment about the manner former candidate John Kaisch was eating pancakes. He noted how he shoved them in his mouth. This shows that Donald cares about pancake appreciation. The world leader of America loves pancakes, this gives them the edge.

Debate over

pancakes > Waffles




The Pancake God

  1. left a comment on July 21, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    You can make pancakes in different shapes and sizes, but with waffles, there s no creativity allowed.

    • admin left a comment on August 6, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      Very true. I’ll mention that in the next one.

  2. jecfurniture left a comment on October 5, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    Pancakes are flat and therefore better for when you want to drag them all the way across your plate to soak up syrup.

  3. donald trump left a comment on November 7, 2017 at 10:50 am

    the greatest thing alive #trump aproved

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