I am the Pancake God

Eat pancakes every day.


Since I was young I liked pancakes. They were always my favorite food and the top thing I requested my mom and grandmother to make me. The first meal I learned to prepare on my own was a stack of pancakes and the second was eggs. Ive had a thing for breakfast most of my life.

When I was in college paying for my own things I quickly found how expensive food actually was. I vowed to not be the typical college kid and never bought ramen noodles. Instead I stuck with what was familiar to me. Buying pancake mix by the 10lb bag was a great way to save money on food, especially with the ease I could make them. Starting my junior year of college at NDSU, shortly before I dropped out I decided to try something.

In late September I decided to try a fun 30 challenge consisting of eating pancakes daily. I was already eating pancakes most days so why not bridge the gaps and make it a streak? I started eating the pancakes everyday and taking pictures for Snapchat. However, after the 30 days past I realized how fun it was to stick to a routine of making pancakes and having that to look forward to.

Well the 30 days past, then 50, 100, 150 and soon 300+ days went by in which I kept eating pancakes. The questions I get a lot is “Why do you eat pancakes everyday?” There’s no really good answer other than that I felt like doing it intuitively. If you can do something for 300 days in a row and not get completely sick of it then you just enjoy doing it. That’s how I think about it. I like doing it and do it fairly often so why not make something out of it.

It wasn’t until around day 150 that I started  trying to make the pancakes look really good. Prior to that I was taking bad pictures of bad pancakes. When I started posting things to Instagram I realized that I had to get serious to survive on the platform. After all who wants to eat the same thing without variation everyday?

The pancakes improved and the picture making made them look even better.

So here I am now looking for a way to expand and grow. The pancakes are looking better and better and I’m looking for a way to really make a name in the pancake space. It has been something I have thought about for a while and it’s getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. I’m going to take what I’ve leaned with my years of pancake making and the last year of intense pancake eating to do something big.

I plan on starting a pancake brand of my own. The recipe will likely have a whole wheat, oat or coconut flour base. It will likely have a vanilla flavor to start with unless I something else I try tastes better. The name of the brand will be “Pancake God Pancakes”. The logo will have PG pancakes with a large picture on the front.

There are some logistics to figure out before this comes to life. First, I will have to find a co-packer that is willing to do a small run of pancakes. Second, I will have to have a couple thousand dollars to pay for this stock of pancakes. Third, I will have to find someone to design the pancake bag or design it myself so it looks good. Fourth and finally, I’ll have to research all of the legal things that come with selling a food product.



Life’s Good.

Let’s Go.